Has God Called You to Minister in Your Marketplace?

I have a confession: I first came to a relationship with God because of a girl. I liked her. I wanted to make her happy by going to church with her on Sundays.

Listen, God will use whatever he can to bring us into relationship with him.

I have another confession: when I read the Bible now, I mostly see messages on how Jesus wants to partner with me on my entrepreneurial journey and how God wants to grow my influence and business. I see it as the ultimate guide to owning a business!  Am I crazy?

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What To Do When Business Is Slow?

I swear the Keurig coffee maker drips at half speed when I am watching it.  It takes forever.  And I know the stock market is way more volatile when I check it every day. 

And those blonde highlights I saw turned grey with bright lights on in the bathroom.

Close inspection reveals the wrinkles, the dirt, the less desirable.

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