When Entrepreneurs and Pastors Collide

Bewildered and frustrated, Lance walked away from the meeting, saying to himself, “He just doesn’t get it. The facts are clear, the opportunity is ripe, the steps are obvious, but he just doesn’t get it.”

Lance had hoped that lunch with his pastor would be a helpful and healthy discussion about the church’s opportunities and challenges. Over this year, in which Lance, Colleen and their kids had been committed church members, they had appreciated the fellowship and biblical teaching. And like any business, Lance could see that the church had some great opportunities for broader impact and challenges to be confronted to get there.

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The Role of Wisdom in Christian Entrepreneurship

My branding agency does brand management for charter schools. We have year-long contacts with schools to do all their graphics and help with marketing. During our monthly meetings, they tell us all the things that have been planned, and my team helps them bring those visions to life.

Meeting clients to learn about their needs and asking questions about their community helps give us insight and wisdom in helping guide their brand’s growth.

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The Importance of the Third Quarter

When it comes to reaching your goals and maximizing your potential in the field of business, excuses aren’t allowed and there is no room for failure. As a company, whether you are a small business or a corporation, you should have performance and revenue goals set for each year that are broken down into smaller attainable goals throughout each fiscal quarter. The end game here is to not only reach your end-of-year goals, but to exceed them. Business is just like any other team activity, such as football or basketball, where the 3rd quarter is the most important part of the game. 

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Moving from Vision to Revelation

It was February 26, 2020. I was preparing to return home after four weeks in Israel with our executive team working through our strategic plan. Reports of a potentially deadly virus were rapidly increasing. News was circulating. People were speculating. I was thinking, “How bad can this really be?” But, as I entered the airport, I was met with a strange scene: people in masks, all flights from China cancelled. Who could have predicted what would follow? 

Just weeks earlier, as the world welcomed the new year, every prophet, preacher, blogger, thought leader, and motivational speaker was capitalizing on “20/20 Vision.” In less than two months, that “20/20 vision” was completely obliterated. Those brilliant messages lost their luster as the world plunged into a global pandemic. 

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The People We Left in Place Aren’t Doing Their Job. What do Christian Entrepreneurs Do?

In the business of branding, there are lots of steps to completing a job.  There are many places the project can go wrong.  There are a lot of areas where the customer can be displeased.  When you’re dealing with someone’s identity, a lot is at stake and you have to make sure the job is done perfectly.

I spent a lot of time on my systems and processes.  I wrote out training manuals, and scripts for customer service, and invested in making sure my team knew how to complete jobs.

One day, I get a call from a client towards the end of the project and it was to tell me about the horrifying experience she had had with my company.  I was devastated, angry, frustrated, and determined to fix it.  I made some drastic changes including letting go of some people.

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The Wild West of Small Businesses, Recruiting and Hiring

There is a common feeling among business owners right now, especially small businesses, and that is that the small business recruitment and hiring market is tough. I have had multiple conversations with people who own their own businesses, who work for small businesses and even people who work for larger companies and they have all shared the same frustrations with trying to not only hire but hire quality employees. Small businesses are facing challenges from many different directions, the shift of a workforce that wants a work-from-home / remote work lifestyle; large companies that can afford to throw large amounts of money at employees to stop them from leaving or offer wild benefits such as unlimited PTO. Some days it feels like the wild west out there.

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Beauty Out Of Brokenness

John Marsh: Within just a year or two after having our son Nelson Ash and our three days from divorce. Going through fighting for custody of our son. I was a drug addict and our lives were upside down where a million and a half dollars in debt, $99,000 overdrawn, and our whole life was falling apart. So the pressure of that was just building and building. And I kept hearing in the back of my mind, this life you have is not worth living. You ought to you ought to kill yourself. We had this old historic house, and I went up in the attic of it. It was a junky old house.

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Best Playlist for Christian Entrepreneurs to Wake Up To

As an entrepreneur, I need my mind focused on as much of the RIGHT NOW as possible. I don’t want it running too far ahead, and I don’t want it lingering behind.

I also want my mind in as much positivity as possible. I have to curb my enthusiasm to watch the news, surround myself with positive people, and….here’s one you probably have never heard….listen to POSITIVE music.

What do I mean by positive music? I have songs I turn to when I’m upset, depressed, sick of it all, and wanting to escape my reality. Music I loved in high school, a different relationship in my life, a different season I was far from God.

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Growing Your Business in a Recession

All of the recession talk has everyone worried.  The general public is spending more money on gas, food, and other goods and services.  Depending on what industry your business is in, you may be concerned that your business will stop growing.  Even if you are a B2B business, the endless supply chain issues, the higher freight, the impact of gas prices on your fleet, and other increased costs, may have you thinking about how you can cut back. You may be thinking how can I make my business recession proof?

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5 Tips for Parents of Graduates

300 feet. 2 seconds.

These numbers may not mean much to you, but if you were a pilot sitting on the deck of an aircraft carrier, they would mean a great deal.

300 feet. That’s the entire length of a runway in front of you. That’s all the distance available to take your plane from a dead stop to airborne, to gain enough speed and achieve enough lift to a safe takeoff. And it all has to happen in 2 seconds.

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