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Buying Products and Services from Christian Owned Businesses and Professionals

It isn’t always easy for Christians to find like-minded folks with which to do business. The Shepherd’s Guide recognizes this challenge, and has set up a Christian business directory geared toward faithful business owners wishing to market their products and services to other Christians. The Shepherd’s Guide has long been a trusted source of reliable information for those wishing to support both local and national Christian-owned businesses. The Shepherd's Guide has become America's Premier Christian Business Directory in Print, Online and with a Mobile App.
When you place your business’s advertisement with The Shepherd’s Guide, you automatically receive a ...

How To Make Your Business Stand Out

As a Christian business owner, one of the many challenges you may face is competition. The very nature of business in the secular world encourages malicious greed and cut-throat practices. We, at the Shepherd’s Guide, do our best to discourage that level of ethic and remind everyone to put God before man, as the Bible tells us "...You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24
That is not to say competition is all evil, as it does encourage hard work and innovation. But most would agree, it is a struggle to stand out among the millions of other business around you. How do we help you find the right customers? It is as simple as signing up for a free listing. Please note that your ...

Statement of Faith

What does our Statement of Faith mean to our Users and Advertisers? 
The Shepherd's Guide logo appearing in an ad indicates that the owner of the business (or advertiser) has signed this statement of faith: 
I, the undersigned, have received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and believe Him to be the Son of God who has atoned for my sins. Because I believe all aspects of my life are to be lived to honor God, I promise to uphold the highest biblical standards in my transactions and treat my clients with respect and integrity.”
When an advertiser is willing to sign his name to a statement like this, we think it speaks volumes to both their character and willingness to ...

Announcing our new website!

The Shepherd's Guide NEW website is open for business!  I am pleased to present to our Publishers, Associates, Users, Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Christian Business Owners, Members, Sponsors and Advertisers; our newly updated and revitalized website ShepherdsGuide.com
Hello!  I’m Richard Criste, President of The Shepherd’s Guide.  This month marks my 1st year anniversary of taking over at the helm.  One of the many things our team has been working on during this last year is a completely overhauled, revitalized, and greatly enhanced website.  Check it out for yourselves:
Features available immediately:

An Enhanced “Local Listings” module: ...