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Etched in Excellence

March 18, 2022

I unwrapped one of the most memorable gifts of my childhood on my twelfth birthday. At the time I knew nothing of the company that manufactured the Buck knife I held in my hands, but I knew from its weight and sheen that this was a high-quality, excellent product. Throughout my youth, that knife was my constant companion on many outdoor adventures, as I unknowingly continued in a very long and rich history of Buck knife aficionados.

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Need Motivation to Read your Bible Daily? Here’s a Tip for Business Owners.

March 11, 2022

Almost every morning I have a routine. 

I wake up at sunrise,

make a powerful cup of bulletproof coffee (Google that!),

sit down in my prayer & meditation chair,

open up my bible app (YouVersion), and

begin ‘eating’ my daily bread.

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15 Bible Verses to Encourage Christian Leadership

March 4, 2022

Being a Christian leader in today’s secular work climate takes more than courage, discipline, and determination. Christian leadership is deeper than that. One must also look for opportunities to serve their staff, choose self-awareness, kindness, and compassion. Christian leaders must live a life worth imitating.

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