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Each According to His/Her Ability: A Biblical Basis for Hiring and Promoting

September 27, 2021

To cultivate and protect a Christ-centered culture in your company, the Bible teaches that we ought to hire people for roles that correspond with their levels of integrity, diligence, and discretion, “each according to his own ability” (Matt. 25:15). Those who lack these three qualities should not be entrusted with significant influence and responsibility in our companies while those possessing them should be promoted to roles of greater influence and responsibility.

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Expect the Unexpected

September 17, 2021

Even though we all deal with craziness when we must, most of the time we easily settle into our current environment, whatever it may be. In their excellent book This Time It’s Different, authors Reinhart and Rogoff explain how we fall into the trap of thinking that our current situation is different from similar situations in the past which means we failed to learn the lessons of history. As Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

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Focus on Getting Better, Not Getting Bigger: A Biblical Basis for Fulfilling Your Company’s Potential

September 10, 2021

Having failed to practice “pure and undefiled religion” during the mid-first millennium B.C., Israel was forced into Babylonian captivity. During the invasion, the glorious temple built by Solomon was destroyed. By practicing social injustice and idolatry, they were found unfaithful with the Promised Land and the temple God had given to them. Their unfaithful stewardship of what God had entrusted to them temporarily prevented them from participating in God’s blessings. 

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