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Focus on Getting Better, Not Getting Bigger: A Biblical Basis for Fulfilling Your Company’s Potential

September 10, 2021

Having failed to practice “pure and undefiled religion” during the mid-first millennium B.C., Israel was forced into Babylonian captivity. During the invasion, the glorious temple built by Solomon was destroyed. By practicing social injustice and idolatry, they were found unfaithful with the Promised Land and the temple God had given to them. Their unfaithful stewardship of what God had entrusted to them temporarily prevented them from participating in God’s blessings. 

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How is Your Faith a Strength in Business?

September 3, 2021

This may be a rhetorical question at this point.  If you are a believer, you are probably thinking that your faith is all that can get you through business these days.  If that is you, you may be right.

Small business owners all know that the myth that people imagine about business owners is just that, a myth.  That you can make your own hours, follow your gut, and get to do it your way are true, however, business owners also have now experienced that those hours are longer, your gut isn’t always positive, and you ask God daily if your way is the right way.

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Becoming a Source of Well Being

August 26, 2021

In the business world, I see how entrepreneurs think very differently about being successful. Some entrepreneurs limit their view of success to personal well-being, happiness, and self-gain. They think in terms of power, competition, and winning. Their primary goal is to maximize profit, and their motto is “the end justifies the means.” Others prioritize the interest of the client and the interest of the other stakeholders. Their primary goal is to improve the well-being of everyone involved, and their motto is “adding value to the client, the society, and the world in an economically profitable way by maximizing the well-being of all stakeholders.” These entrepreneurs, when guided in their decisions by God, are what I call faith driven entrepreneurs.

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