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Witek Law Offices was established in 1999 to offer individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations a better choice for legal services. We offer the highest quality legal services with integrity at reasonable, straight-forward fees. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in the areas of real estate, estate planning, corporate and small business, civil litigation, probate, and non-profit organizations. Attorney J. Thomas ("Tom") Witek has been practicing law since 1995 with a goal of advising his clients as to the most ethical, proper, and appropriate response when they are faced with difficult situations. Sometimes this involves making hard choices that do not seem to be the most advantageous at the time but may involve the promotion of truth and justice in the way a person lives or runs their business. Truth and Justice are permanent, sacred concepts that should not be sacrificed for a short term gain or temporary enjoyment. J. Thomas Witek began his career with a downtown boutique firm that was composed of former partners from some of the largest law firms in the world. At the firm he gained extensive litigation and transactional experience while being mentored by top attorneys. Wanting to obtain more contact with businesses and individuals in everyday settings and wanting to pursue more pro bono efforts, he formed his own firm, Witek Law Offices in 1999. Past pro bono efforts include the organization and operation of Isaiah Volunteer Christian Lawyers Association which was a church-based legal clinic. Mr. Witek also received a distinguished service award for his work with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services through the Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic. Attorney J. Thomas Witek would like to be your partner as you seek truth and justice in our legal system. He is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Illinois College of Law and has effectively represented clients in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Law, Civil Litigation, and Probate. Although our legal trials seem overwhelming to us when we go through them, we always need to remember that our lives here are only temporary and that what ultimately matters is not the laws of Illinois or the United States but God’s law. REAL ESTATE: Witek Law Offices has extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions as well as real estate litigation. Whether you are buying or selling a home for your family or your business is acquiring or disposing of a facility, we can assist you every step of the way from contract to closing. The principal of the firm is also a licensed real estate broker and principal of a real estate brokerage which has brokered numerous transactions and managed real estate. Therefore, our experience is not just with the law but also with the nuts and bolts of all aspects of real estate. We look forward to serving you. Set out below are links to the real estate brokerage managed by the principal of the firm as well as helpful real estate links to assist you. Simply click on your county of interest and relevant links will appear. BUSINESS: Witek Law Offices has advised many small businesses with regard to formation of their business entities, whether they be corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietors, or partnerships. We have also negotiated contracts and been involved with acquisitions and dispositions of business interests. We always strive to reduce or eliminate the risks that are associated with businesses. However, when resort to the courts becomes necessary we strive to determine what is best for the bottom line, whether it be an equitable settlement or a budgeted approach to a protracted litigation. If you are a smaller to mid-size business that would like the convenience and benefits of a general counsel but cannot afford to pay the salary and benefits of a full time lawyer, we can provide part time general counsel plans to fit every budget so that you can have a fixed legal expense each month. No more shocking surprises when you open a bill from your lawyer! We can also work with your general counsel to provide for overflow work at reasonable rates. We strive to run our business in a straightforward and ethical manner and would like to partner with you as you strive to do the same. ESTATE PLANNING: Unfortunately, every one of us will die and thanks to modern medicine many of us will become incompetent before we die because our minds will fail before our bodies. Witek Law Offices has advised hundreds, if not thousands, of people with respect to management of their personal affairs upon their incompetence through an accident, stroke or disease or upon their death. Although this is an unpleasant subject for most, failure to properly plan and prepare can have disastrous consequences. Many of us are disgusted by the politicians that we see running this country. What if one of those politicians were appointed to make all of your most precious decisions for you? This is precisely what happens when a politician in a black robe known as a judge makes decisions for you because you did not set out what you wanted BEFORE your death or incompetence. You should not let a stranger manage your affairs during your life or after your death! No one has to have a judge make decisions for them. Estate planning enables you to take control of your situation now and make sure that your loved ones and assets are protected if something happens to you. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in making these critical decisions. Below is an entertaining comic which underscores the importance of making advance decisions in this life and the next.

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