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Youth Challenge Inc. is committed to the restoration, rebuilding, and establishing of sound minds, bodies and spirits in the resident population of the program, both men and women. RESTORATION of lives that have been devastated by drugs, alcohol and high-risk lifestyles that accompany this type of behavior is our primary goal. REBUILDING lives by teaching application of Christian principles and high moral standards, as well as responsibility towards family, society, and a legitimate vocation is our emphasis. ESTABLISHING a solid biblical-based foundation of character development and sound teaching through the Word of God in order to successfully re-enter society is our aim. With love and concern we are succeeding in our mission to turn many former rejects of society into productive citizens who make a solid contribution to their homes, churches, and communities. Through outreach we are helping thousands to avoid the pitfalls that destroy their lives.Our mission is to restore and rebuild the individual lives and families that substance abuse has destroyed.(Adopted:July, 1978)

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