Partnership Without Limits: 5 Important Lessons I’ve Learned

This article was written by Danielle Jones and published by Faith Driven Entrepreneur.


Do you know what’s more important than making the right decision? Going where God is leading you.

In the middle of an overwhelming autumn day, God invited me to spend time with him in nature. You know what I heard him tell me? “Leave your career and position on the leadership team at a nonprofit.”

What could I do but take a leap of faith and obedience? I resigned a week later. Then, God called me back to entrepreneurship. A couple of months later, someone told me about Faith Driven Entrepreneur and I joined an inaugural Foundation Group.

The group leader asked me to write about being a Parentpreneur. So, I gladly accepted the offer and submitted an article in April. But in God’s perfect timing, it wasn’t published until July.

On the same day, an executive producer from Florida came across my profile on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur website, and he contacted me. He and his business partner had been praying for someone to help them start up a nonprofit to serve Christian filmmakers. While I didn’t have experience in the entertainment industry, I did have a wealth of experience in nonprofit leadership.

God often puts us into a position to launch something new. And he had equipped me with the skill-set needed for a position I never knew existed. Not only that, but he also connected me with the perfect partners to advance his Kingdom.

Here are five important lessons God has taught me about the importance of being in partnership:

  1. We need to invite Christ into our meetings

    Our leadership team starts and ends each meeting with prayer, including Board of Directors’ meetings. It centers our discussion on him and ensures that our motives are for the Kingdom instead of our own desires. Recently, through Scripture about the building of the tabernacle, God impressed upon me that we were going to do all of our work through volunteers. While we weren’t sure how we were going to do it, he has provided the people to do the tasks that lay before us. We go where he is moving, even if sometimes it doesn’t make sense. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20)

  2. Business flows when our purpose is clear

    Jesus gave everything and he calls us to give everything. The moment we go all in for Christ is a great moment, but it’s just the beginning. Life flows when our purpose is clear and when our resources align with our purpose. It’s the same with business. Our vision and purpose are: empowering Christian storytellers to produce media that shines light in a dark world. Our vision has the ability to inspire and motivate others. It is one of the most important foundational pieces of our organization—and it serves as our guiding light.

  3. Laugh more, stress less

    Laughing keeps our team connected. Did you know that we are 30 times more likely to laugh with others than laugh alone? Because everyone on our team lives in a different state and all of our meetings are virtual, we have gotten good at making laughter happen! We are healthier and more productive when we laugh with one another. When we have a big win, we celebrate with laughter. When we have a stressful moment, someone on our team usually adds comedic relief.

  4. Vulnerability strengthens our relationships

    Vulnerability in the workplace is the root of meaningful connection and authentic leadership. It’s amazing what we learn about our partners when we launch and run a business together—even more so when we are willing to share an emotional story. There’s a chance of getting hurt, but there’s also an opportunity for relationship and growth. Over time, our partners become our family. When we are tempted to pull apart, we pull together instead.

  5. We’re all in this together

    Recently, someone told me about how they wanted to launch something to help Christian artists and realized someone else was already doing it. Instead of creating a competing organization, they contacted them to see how they could help through prayer, encouragement and doing. It takes courage to set aside our personal desires and follow God’s lead. Has God laid something on your heart and the same something on the hearts of others? Has he led you to contact someone that you don’t know? Has he told you to ask for help? It’s no coincidence. Connect with those individuals and strike up a conversation to discover how you can partner to build the Kingdom together. There is power in working together with a shared faith toward a common goal.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur reminds us that in partnership, we have the chance to link arms with people who share a relationship with Christ and who want to see His name glorified in all things. When that motivation lies behind two or more people leading an organization, there are no limits to where the work can go!