Strong Christian Values are the Foundation of a Healthy Life and Business

This article is by Danny Myers and published by Crossroads Professional Coaching


Azaret Metrio Zintos

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the wise and foolish builders. If you have not, it is a parable that Jesus told, about a man who built his house on a rock, and a man who built his house on the sand. Of course, once a storm came, the house that was built on the sand collapsed. (Matthew 7:24-27)

I think that this story is often overlooked, especially if you grew up in a Christian household and sang the song about it. It is a powerful analogy about all aspects of life. Just as Jesus was trying to teach those around him that strong Christian values are the foundation of a joyful, healthy life, I’d like to remind you (and myself) of that.

Without a Rock, You have no Foundation

Have you ever tried to run on a beach? Or have you built a sand castle? Running on sand is much more difficult than running on solid ground. Your feet keep slipping, making it difficult to move forward and it wears you out much faster.

Building a sand castle can be fun, but one wrong move can make the whole thing crumble. As soon as the tide comes in, it will be washed away, as if it were never even there.

Lacking Christian values in your life is like running on sand. Building your business without Christian values is like building a sand castle. You have no foundation.

Without solid ground to stand on in life and business, how can you keep moving forward? How can you build yourself up? You’ll keep slipping and exhausting yourself. When a storm in life comes, you will likely fall apart, just like the sand. Maybe you can keep going, but will it be fulfilling? Will it fill you with joy?

Strong Christian Values are the Foundation

Strong Christian values are the foundation for moving forward and establishing structure in your life and business. God’s teaching gives you a rock to stand on when things in life or business get difficult, so you will not collapse or be washed away.

With a strong foundation, your business and life can flourish with God’s blessings.

God’s wisdom shows us how to lead well, be joyful, and share His love with those around you. In building your own life and business on Christian values, you can build up those around you as well. You will be more fulfilled, as your success is not measured in worldly terms, but in God’s.

I hope this is a helpful reminder that we all need a strong foundation in life, and we can find one by building on our Christian values and faith in God.