10 Things You Can Do Today to Keep Customers for Life

If you want to keep your customers for life, here are 10 actionable steps you can take today that will earn trust and develop a long-term relationship.

After all, the ability for small businesses to build and maintain positive relationships with their customers is what enables them to push through difficult periods such as the current pandemic and resulting staff and supply crises that many of us are struggling with.

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God Can Use You. Embrace the 3 Postures of Calling

Every entrepreneur is custom-created for a purpose. In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he tells his readers that God “creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join Him in the work He does, the good work He has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing” (Eph 2:10 MSG). 

Paul doesn’t leave it at that. He then tells them to “get out there and walk – better yet, run! – on the road God called you to travel” (Eph 4:1 MSG). How, though, in a world so full of noise and distraction, and with our broken humanity so prone to following our will and succumbing to fear, do we go about staying on (or getting on – let’s be honest) the road we’re called to travel? How can we approach getting in position so God can use us for the work he has for us to do? 

God can use you. But sometimes, we need to examine ourselves before we see progress in the area of calling.

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The Biggest Obstacle to Good Business Leadership

Why can it seem so challenging to apply sound business management practices in your small business?  

If you lead a small business, this question will likely resonate with you significantly.  All the NY Times Bestsellers and podcasts make it sound pretty simple.  You organize your activities and communications correctly, and everything works better.  Your staff responds, you’re knocking out goals and won’t remember the last time you thought about work in your “off time.”

But you read the book, listened to the podcast, and heard the TED Talk, and for some reason, have not managed to find the serenity all the authors are selling. Why is that?  

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Deeply Rooted for the Future

He who marries the latest trend will soon be a widower. 

In times of crisis, things are sifted. We often see and then focus on what is important. A crisis can reveal what we really value and should prioritize. It applies when we get seriously sick, when there is an upheaval in our family, or even during a pandemic. The sifting process may also show what really stands the test of time, and what is a mere short-lived trend. 

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Keyword Research – The Foundation Of SEO

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization, and without it, you cannot expect to create sustainable and repeatable visibility for your website.

Today, SEO is a much wider discipline than in the early days of the industry and has been segmented into many verticals.

But, at the core, SEO is about finding opportunities online and capturing relevant traffic to your website through visibility in search engines. Keyword research is at the heart of that SEO strategy.

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3 Fundamental Truths for Putting God at the Center of Your Business

Last month, we watched the Asbury revival go viral and the “Jesus Revolution” film hit the silver screen. Both events are an awesome reminder of the creative and powerful ways that God moves. He’s moving across university campuses, in hurting nations like Iran, and even in Hollywood, California. 

Personally, I am waiting for the next great move of God that will take place in cubicles and boardrooms instead of church pews and sanctuaries. Consider this — most Christians across the world are not called to work in full-time vocational ministry. They’re not preaching on Sundays or hosting evangelistic outreach events. Most Christ-followers are called to the marketplace. And so many people are seeking answers on how to put God at the center of their businesses.

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Making The Most of Your Workspace

As someone who has worked in all manner of spaces, from a giant corporate office to working from home at a desk in the middle of my living room, I know how important it is to make a space work for you.

Make it Yours

Injecting some of your personality into where you work is a great way to make that space somewhere that you actually enjoy being. Bring a picture or two, meaningful knick-knacks, souvenirs from places you’ve been, desk toys, or pieces of art you really enjoy and decorate your space.

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Work, Joy, and the Glory of God

What is the Chief end of man? The Westminster Shorter Catechism defines it this way:

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. 

I believe that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. And I also believe that if we were to examine our hearts and minds, we would find we spend a lot of time and energy often seeking ways to be satisfied (outside of Jesus), looking to things on this earth for fulfillment, and searching for purpose and meaning to all our work and toil—and all our activities. We are told, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

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Gazing At The Right Thing

I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life and every year, even though by now I have circled the sun enough to understand seasons, the leaves changing hits like a beautiful surprise. I’ll look out my window at the tree line that serves as our back fence or at the mix of pines and brightly-colored maples and oaks that cover our little college town and be amazed at how this seemingly innocuous, literally natural process can have such a profound impact on my outlook.

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