Need a Miracle in Your Business? Read this.

I wrote this over the course of several weeks because SOMEBODY needs a miracle in their business right now! And let me tell you….


When things in business feel hopeless – when you feel helpless on your entrepreneurial journey – you just need to know that God promises to make a way.

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Strategies for Small Businesses in a Changing Economy

Small businesses come in every industry and different industries do better in different economic situations.  Who would have thought home sales would continue to soar through COVID?  Why wouldn’t a thrift store be the place to go if your home was destroyed in a flood?

It isn’t always what you would expect with the natural laws of supply and demand.  However, as a small business, even in unfavorable economic times for your industry, you need to continue to perform.

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The Unique Test of Faith-Driven Stewardship

The idea that a business leader should see herself as a “steward” of a business is not a new idea, and its not even a uniquely Christian idea.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation gives a “Best Corporate Steward” award.  They describe it in terms of “a company that conducts its business in a way that creates ‘shared value’.”

But the “stewardship” demanded of faith-driven business leaders is profoundly different than the “stewardship” urged by the world.  The world essentially sees stewardship as being a “good owner”.  God commands being a “steward” instead of an “owner”.

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How Christian Business Owners Make the Best Use of Their Time

Today, I want to talk about how we should operate in our businesses, making the best use of our time.

If God (your CEO) came to you every hour of your business day and asked what you were doing, what would be your response? Trivial pursuits or Kingdom building actions?

Sometimes I catch myself in the middle of the day checking my social media for fun or reading the news. There’s nothing wrong with the technology of catching up with friends or current events.

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Keyword Research – The Foundation Of SEO

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization, and without it, you cannot expect to create sustainable and repeatable visibility for your website.

Today, SEO is a much wider discipline than in the early days of the industry and has been segmented into many verticals.

But, at the core, SEO is about finding opportunities online and capturing relevant traffic to your website through visibility in search engines. Keyword research is at the heart of that SEO strategy.

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A New Perspective Focused on Purpose and Calling

The events of 2020 provided a dramatic shift in perspective for many Americans. They faced a loss of their office environments or even jobs, eliminated social events from their calendars, and were cut off from extended family and friends. The noise that so many of us fill our lives with—work, friends, family, social events, vacations, errands—was quickly silenced. We were left with a quiet void in our calendars and lives for over a year. We were faced with the grim reality of a pandemic but also with an opportunity—a chance to take a retreat, albeit a forced one.

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How to Dedicate Your Business to God

There’s a song I dedicated to my wife before we were married.  It’s a beautiful song that captured my emotions at the time I dedicated it. 

Later on, I took her to the concert and the band played “our song.”  That song eventually became our wedding song. 

I also played our song on the car ride home from the hospital with our new baby boy. It brought us both to tears.

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How To Overcome The Biggest Marketing Challenges

Marketing is changing more rapidly than ever before. One day you can use Facebook ads to target customers by age, gender, location and interests – and the next, all that information becomes “irrelevant” because something new has come along. The reality is that marketing is always changing, but there are still fundamental challenges that all marketers face. Let’s discuss some of these marketing challenges and how to overcome them.

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Work, Joy, and the Glory of God

What is the Chief end of man? The Westminster Shorter Catechism defines it this way:

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. 

I believe that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. And I also believe that if we were to examine our hearts and minds, we would find we spend a lot of time and energy often seeking ways to be satisfied (outside of Jesus), looking to things on this earth for fulfillment, and searching for purpose and meaning to all our work and toil—and all our activities. We are told, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

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How Do I Know If My Business Pleases God?

I want to talk to you today about running a business that pleases God.

In business, we’re taught to constantly be testing products, examining customer response, and measuring profitability so we can please others. We know what pleases our investors is more return on investment. We know what pleases our social media followers by measuring the likes, comments, and views. We know what pleases our customers by their willingness to buy more and pay more.

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