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Need a Miracle in Your Business? Read this.

December 2, 2022

I wrote this over the course of several weeks because SOMEBODY needs a miracle in their business right now! And let me tell you….


When things in business feel hopeless – when you feel helpless on your entrepreneurial journey – you just need to know that God promises to make a way.

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Strategies for Small Businesses in a Changing Economy

November 25, 2022

Small businesses come in every industry and different industries do better in different economic situations.  Who would have thought home sales would continue to soar through COVID?  Why wouldn’t a thrift store be the place to go if your home was destroyed in a flood?

It isn’t always what you would expect with the natural laws of supply and demand.  However, as a small business, even in unfavorable economic times for your industry, you need to continue to perform.

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The Unique Test of Faith-Driven Stewardship

November 18, 2022

The idea that a business leader should see herself as a “steward” of a business is not a new idea, and its not even a uniquely Christian idea.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation gives a “Best Corporate Steward” award.  They describe it in terms of “a company that conducts its business in a way that creates ‘shared value’.”

But the “stewardship” demanded of faith-driven business leaders is profoundly different than the “stewardship” urged by the world.  The world essentially sees stewardship as being a “good owner”.  God commands being a “steward” instead of an “owner”.

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