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From Striving to Calling: How to Make Work More Meaningful

May 5, 2023

Our Awakening

I had always thought, like almost every entrepreneur, that selling my company would be a triumphant moment — the pinnacle of my achievements. But when it finally happened, instead of feeling fulfilled and overjoyed, I felt empty, lost, and bewildered with confusion over the meaning of my life and work.

I couldn’t share these feelings with my friends and peers. “Cry me a river,” I expected to hear back. In trying to understand why I felt the way I did, I started searching for similar stories about other post-exit founders. Not the polished and often fictionalized stories, but the real stories that delve into the emotional experience.

There was little to be found, but in my search, I remember being shocked by a quote from one entrepreneur. “Selling my business and taking home $100M was the worst decision I ever made,” he said. I was floored. How could this be? He wrote that over the 30 years he built his business, his identity, community, and friends were all tied to his business. When he sold it, he received more money than he could want or need, but he lost his identity and community, and his daily friendships were significantly severed.

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6 Must-Have Tips To Get Customer Reviews Easily

April 28, 2023

The best way to improve a company’s online reputation and visibility is to collect customer reviews. Online reviews can also help increase conversions and sales. However, getting reviews can sometimes be difficult. The real question is how to ask for a review?

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3 Fundamental Truths for Putting God at the Center of Your Business

April 21, 2023

Last month, we watched the Asbury revival go viral and the “Jesus Revolution” film hit the silver screen. Both events are an awesome reminder of the creative and powerful ways that God moves. He’s moving across university campuses, in hurting nations like Iran, and even in Hollywood, California. 

Personally, I am waiting for the next great move of God that will take place in cubicles and boardrooms instead of church pews and sanctuaries. Consider this — most Christians across the world are not called to work in full-time vocational ministry. They’re not preaching on Sundays or hosting evangelistic outreach events. Most Christ-followers are called to the marketplace. And so many people are seeking answers on how to put God at the center of their businesses.

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