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Scarcity vs. Abundance

January 6, 2023

Do you function out of a mindset of scarcity or abundance?

It’s worth considering because it affects you and your business- and I’ll tell you why. 

First, let’s dig into what we’re referring to in these two terms. Scarcity is a frame of mind that perceives that you just can’t ever get enough. Whether it be time, resources, achievements, relationships, or a host of other things we may feel we are always short of. To feel as if you’re always lacking, need more, could be more secure. Scarcity is not necessarily driven by greed- it can derive from fear, insecurity, learned experience, or simply habit. Some examples of a scarcity mentality could be:

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The Perks of Paying Your Employees a Compliment

December 30, 2022

It is just as important to praise your employees for doing a good job as it is to correct when they’re doing something wrong.

Many business owners correct and give guidance to their employees, and rightly so. When you’re running a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are carrying out business processes the right way.

However, if you’re only correcting and never (or rarely) complimenting, it can eventually wear your employees down.

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Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

December 23, 2022

How is your business going beyond profit and advancing social good? The role of business is clearly changing, but this might not be so surprising to Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. For centuries, Christ-following leaders have realized that business can be used to love others. Commerce is an avenue to reveal God’s love and truth.

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